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Medical Consultation

CHC is closely aligned with various specialists and medical centres, and can refer our patient to them accordingly.

We also provide client with second opinion services or post medical check-up consultation.

Hospital Admission

We can arrange in and out patients medical consultation and treatment services at most of private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Health Check-up

We offer a range of medical check-up plans suitable to the needs of our corporate clients and Medical Examinations cater for at the needs of individual patients, and more.

Vaccinations Insurance

We offer the vaccinations such as Influenza,Hepatitis A&B,Human papillomavirus,Shingles,Tetanus.

Health insurance

We provide cashless medical treatment and medical services under various health insurance schemes, medical treatment with various medical cards and medical treatment under the Health Care Vouchers provided by The Government of Hong Kong.

Second Opinion

We provide client with second opinion services.